Early pregnancy symptoms

Published: 09th March 2011
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Commonly women would know that they are pregnant if they missed their period and naturally the next step would be to take a pregnancy test. But having the knowledge on what the early pregnancy symptoms are would prove beneficial especially if you are someone who experience irregular period cycles and missing a period would not be something new for you.

So what are the early pregnancy symptoms? This question really will find different answers if we were to ask different women. The reason will be simply because each women’s body varies individually. With that said, you may experience some symptoms or none at all. But among them here will be the commonly experienced early pregnancy symptoms.

1. Morning sickness

For new mothers who aren’t sure what morning sickness really means, it is a sick feeling pregnant mothers will feel mostly during early pregnancy. This ‘sick’ feeling is not your flu type of ‘sick’ feeling. It refers to feeling nausea and vomiting or just wanting to vomit. Usually morning sickness will occur mostly in the morning as in the term but it CAN happen anytime of the day or for some throughout the day.

2. Cravings

This early pregnancy symptom is another commonly experienced one. Pregnant women will crave for certain types of food. The food that they crave sometimes can even be food that you once hated or didn’t favour. In certain cases, these cravings can even onset at night which would cause some inconvenience for your partner to look for the craved food at 3am in the morning!

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3. Crampings

Crampings or having the tight feeling in your abdomen is another early pregnancy symptom. Although it is a common sign, it can however cause some uncertainty in some women experiencing it. Why? Because the cramps in early pregnancy is similar to the cramps some women have before having their period. It could be quite confusing to know what it really is. Cramping in early pregnancy occurs when the embryo is implanting itself in the lining of the uterus.

4. Increased sensitivity to smells

It may sound weird, but yes, increased in sensitivity to smells is another early pregnancy sign. It refers to exactly as the term says. You can just be put off with certain smells such as the aroma of a certain fragrance or the smell of cake baking. This change can even cause a change in your "normal" behaviour. Maybe you used to love the smell of fried chicken wings for example but after getting pregnant you just can’t stand the smell of it. Or it can be vice versa, aromas which you don’t favour before will be your new favourite scent now.

The changes that you experience in yourself with the early pregnancy symptoms occurs for one reason. And that one culprit is your hormones. Your changing hormones in your body is the reason why you have early pregnancy symptoms.

Though having some of the early pregnancy symptom such as morning sickness can be very uncomfortable for you, have faith that it is only temporary. Most of the early pregnancy symptoms will start to disappear usually into the second or third trimester. But I do have to add that it MAY in some cases continue throughout your pregnancy but very rare.

There are also other common signs of pregnancy other than the mentioned above and even uncommon signs of pregnancy which is randomly heard of

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